Ecce Homo 17.11.2017–25.02.2018
Artist talk (Feb 18, 2018) and group exhibition on several locations in Antwerp

Karin Hanssen received her PhD in arts on May 19, 2016:

- Academic dissertation for the PhD 'The Borrowed Gaze - in dialogue with time' (Dutch)

- As part of the PhD project, the film Karin Hanssen made: 'The Borrowed Gaze - in dialogue with Luc Tuymans' (2013, montage Bertrand Lafontaine)

Karin Hanssen | The Borrowed Gaze, Charlotte Mullins
Lannoo, September 2014

The Borrowed Gaze / Variations GTB Karin Hanssen. Catalogue. Texts: Johan Pas, Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat, Kurt Vanhoutte. Mer Paperkunsthalle

The Borrowed Gaze / Variations GTB Track-Report 12/01

Publication in Forum + Wat is een origineel beeld? Bearer of Meaning - Maker of meaning. (pages 24 - 31)

New Art Gallery Walsall: 'People and Artistic Connections'
11 February - 16 July 2016


Brieven aan kunstenaars, Philippe Van Cauteren, 2017

ECCE HOMO, zie de mens, 2017 Eric Rinckhout

Picturing People - Thames & Hudson
The New State of Art
Charlotte Mullins
August 2015

'A Room of Her Own', 2013, 60 x 45 cm